Fishing in Flatanger

havfiskeVikfjorden offers year round fishing of cod and haddock from the March andinto the autumn. In summer, large shoals of herring enter the bay, especially at night, you will experience a fantasticherring.

Drive about 15 minutes to the southwest inVikfjorden to reach the open Atlantic. You willfind countless fishing spots with deep and shallow water areas.

Flatanger offers perhaps the most various fishing in Central Norway.

From big-Longe to cod and “coalfish” to halibutand everything is possible. The absolutehighligths region is 2 km in the open Atlantic,rev “Glasøygrunnen”. In good weather you willexperience a sport such as in northern Norway.Big fish are on the agenda. The distance from the small village of Vik to rev “Glasøygrunnen” is only 30 minutes by boat. Looking for a quietand perfectly equipped accommodation with the possibility of big fish? Then you are welcome to Vik Midtre.
Trout fishing can be found about 100 m from the farm in “Vikvannet”. There in the winter time ice fishing is possible.

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