So many excursion possibilities

The Farm, which the Holiday House is situated on, is located in quiet and peaceful natural environment.

There is a nice and easy hiking- posibilities for both adults and children. It is easy to get up to the mountain and enjoy the peace and quiet, fresh air and the view over the archipelago and sea.

There are several options when it comes to nature walks, both marked and unmarked trails, both on foot, by bike or car.

Utvorda Festning is  possible to visit by car. Here you can stroll around and look at  Europe’s largest coastal fort.

On trips in the nature, it is often to see many kinds of animals; elk, roe deer, foxes, squirrels etc. Also forest birds, like grouse and black grouse is around here. There are several seabirds in this area: Cormorant, Tern, Egret, Black-Backed Gulls etc.
You can go ashore on one of the islands and  perhaps spot some of the many eagles that nest here. Our Sea Eagle is Norway`s greatest eagle with its 7 kg.

On the trip at the sea, you can disembark at the  island Villa and take a stroll and look at Villa Lighthouse (built in 1838) — and is the oldest coal-fired  lighthouse in Norway.

You can also go ashore on Halmøya, and go up to the Stone Age settlement Håkkahallaren, which is from the time when the sea level was higher.


If  You bring your kayak here, it is possible to paddle in the beautiful archipelago who is rich with fjords, coves, islands, skerries and islets. You can explore many places that can’t be reached by boat. Go ashore on one of the numerous islands — take in the peace and quiet. If you’re looking for a bit more excitement, just paddle out to the big waves and breakers beyond the archipelago.
We have excellent conditions for posting from the floating dock in the harbor at Vik.


Hanshelleren, known among climbers as one of the world’s hardest climb walls, is located just a short drive away. At Strøm, where Hanshelleren lies, there are opportunities for bouldering and climbing on natural hedge in over 150 different routes.